Chef Bobby Flay Makes The Perfect Summer Cocktail - Artisanal Syrup Pack Special on OpenSky! 

Bobby Flay

Nothing says summer to me like a great chilled cocktail on a warm day, especially while poolside or dining al fresco.  The key to making a truly upscale cocktail is to start with the right ingredients.  While top shelf liquor helps ensure a smoother drink, the other ingredients are just as important.

I like to keep a few of Sonoma Syrup Company's simple syrups on hand so that I can throw together a unique and great-tasting drink whenever the mood strikes.  With just a few basic ingredients you can whip up a top-notch cocktail anytime.

Sonoma Syrups are made from all-natural ingredients and are handcrafted in small batches right in California Wine Country. They have fantastic flavor--feel free to experiment with them. I am sure they would be a great addition to your favorite barbecue sauce, used as a glaze for ribs or added into a vinaigrette. 

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